Website development, is it necessary?

To be a quality one a website, regardless of what goods and services a business offers, it must be digitized and provide up-to-date information about its goods and services.

We from SITE-BG we offer website development, their respective support, SEO optimization, Google ads and others. All this to help your business be digitized and successful. It's more than clear that every business needs different functionality for their website, but what are the general requirements? Quality and responsive design, simple and user-friendly interface and most importantly – clear functionality.

Site design for manufacturers

Site design for a given manufacturer, usually includes information about the production process, the products produced, the technique and technology used. Often they contain a gallery with photo material of already finished products and production facilities. This helps a lot for the manufacturers to gain the trust of the consumers as it gives an idea of how the production is actually done. This type of website must include contact information such as phone, email and address.

Site design to sell goods

There are many sellers in the digital world, here's what one is a website type of online store. These websites often contain product descriptions, product photos, pricing, payment options, and last but not least, shipping. In all cases, a successful store must guarantee security for the user's personal data. We at SITE-BG will take care of every single detail for your online store, which is guaranteed to improve your sales.

Site design for hotels

The most requested service is perhaps precisely – a website for a hotel. This type of website provides a description of the hotel, how many floors it has, number of rooms, photo material, pools, gyms, even nearby restaurants on the hotel grounds where a customer would be satisfied. It is almost mandatory for the website to have an online booking platform and, above all, up-to-date price information.

Site for restaurants and cafes

Already many owners of cafes, restaurants, taverns or fast food places order a website type informative. These websites serve to introduce a customer to the offered menu, the atmosphere, to see reviews and photos. Website design for any business should be professional and creative in order for your online store or website to attract customers. Additional services you can use are website promotion in search engines and social networks, maintenance, optimization. This ensures the successful expansion of your business and the attraction of new customers.

The so called "a website", no matter what the business is, it must be professionally prepared so that it can increase the sales of your products or more traffic to a given location. Other functions that are to help your website are the maintenance, the necessary optimization, the correct distribution in the social networks. This really guarantees the attraction of new customers for your business.

How to create a site that is guaranteed to bring in income

How to make the so-called a website is a question that affects many people and especially those who want to successfully develop their business in the digital world. SITE-BG will create a site with a responsive and quality design and the necessary functionality.

The first step is choosing a domain. You have to be careful about what the name will be, as long domains do not guarantee that they will be of good quality. It is best for a domain to be a choice between 1 to 3 words.

a website

When a domain has already been purchased, here comes its connection with hosting, on which the site will be uploaded and created.

After we have chosen hosting

After choosing the hosting, the corresponding one comes a website. It needs to be optimized for desktop, tablet, and mobile, otherwise you're going to lose quite a few users.

When we already have a design, it should be done SEO the optimization. It should contain a certain set of keywords for each page and the meta titles and descriptions should be in a certain way.

When we are ready with the design, necessary information, pages and all the products or services that the site offers us, it's time to maintain the site. It includes spam protection, encryption of user data, SSL certificate, and it can be paid or free.

When we're done, what else?

Now that we have completed our site, what more is required? If we leave our site like this, it means that it has a body, but not a soul. How to bring it to life? As we humans eat, we must feed the website daily with texts - this is its digital food. When we write articles, do their optimization and take care of our site, after half a year it will give invaluable results. If you're impatient, there's always a loophole – Google Ads.

Long-term success with Google Ads

With them, you can guarantee a certain number of clicks per month, but no guarantee of sales. You can check for yourself that all successful websites have a blog where many articles with unique texts are written. If you plan to copy and paste articles, you won't find it because Google is quite advanced and will just mark your website as spam and not bring it up in search engines with useful information. How can you track traffic to your website?

SITE-BG offers original ideas, completely unique and above all effective solutions to the most complex problems! Comprehensive approach to the project: website development, maintenance, effective promotion. If you need a consultation, do not hesitate to write to us through our contact form, our team will always answer your needs!

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