Site development prices and packages from SITE-BG

How much varies the range for website development prices?

Price range

Prices can vary from BGN 200 to BGN 20,000, depending on what the user wants and how complex the project is. One website, which is written entirely in code can cost 5, 6 thousand, while the same made with WordPress it will be around BGN 800.

Site development prices

How to make a website for free?

For to make a website for free, we can use the platform WordPress or Joomla. These CMS systems they help us a lot free plugins for different functionality.

Site development prices and maintenance?

When you are make a website, or purchase to make it, it does not mean that you will already have visits and sales. Here comes the moment for copywriting. To maintain your website, you have to feed it informative texts. It is very important that the texts be SEO optimized, to be made keyword analysis, according to which you can rank and texts to be unique, not plagiarized (copy-paste from competitors).

What do we offer you?

We at SITE-BG offer you comprehensive solutions with support for your website and monthly analysis. We will help you beat your competitors and rank high on Google. Make an inquiry and we will make sure to meet your needs on 1000% with a ready plan of action. What are you waiting for?

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