Introduction to SEO optimization

SEO optimization helps us to we rank higher in search engines. Here we'll look at what we need to make it work website us to rank higher.

Step 1 – the competition

Before we do SEO optimization for ours website, we need to study the competition first. What things should impress us? We have to see their level of service and try to provide the best we can.

SEO optimization

Step 2 – keyword selection

Undoubtedly, when we examine who our competitive giants are, we need to examine where our opponents have failed. Every one keyword or key phrase he has his own rating between 1 – 100, as well as ours domain there is one rating. We from SITE-BG we will do a full analysis and help you select the right ones keywords to generate 100% real organic traffic.

Step 3 – Increasing the Domain Rating for SEO Optimization

By raising your domain rating, then you will be able to qualify for more difficult ones keywords, or key expressions. We from SITE-BG we'll help you raise your domain rating, so you can cover as much as possible traffic in your business area. So SEO optimization of yours website will be stronger than if you had none rating.

Step 4 – Copywriting for SEO optimization

The copywriting is the food for your website. Without him, probably website you will be at the same level in 10 years. Why is it needed? copywriting? The more comprehensive information you write about your website, the more customers will find you according to their needs. Plagiarism to copy from others websites and rebidding in yours won't help you much. Google he distinguishes them quite well and will rather push the site you further down in the search engine.

Don't know where to start?

We from SITE-BG we will help and guide you all the way. We will prepare and drive the strategy for povershooting the position you in search engines and therefore the traffic. Consultation with us is completely free, so what are you waiting for?

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