How much does the cost of creating a company website vary??

The price can vary from 200 to 1500v. or more. An average sized custom website from an agency can range from BGN 2,000 to BGN 10,000, while more complex and larger websites will be between BGN 10,000 to BGN 30,000 or more.

When you think you need it creation of a company website, you are mainly interested in three things – price, quality Bonus - time required for crafting. The components that determine the price of a website are many, and the limits in which a price can vary are huge. How much a site will cost depends on the size, complexity and specificity of your business, as well as many other factors.

The main components determining the price of the site are the design, The CMS system (content management system), the specific functions and the volume of content.

1. Design / Appearance

One of the first things you'll need to decide when you're starting out creation of a company website, is whether you need a unique design created from scratch or are ready to use a ready-made modified template. The decision you make is usually based on the specific activity your site will perform and your plans for future development. A design that is created especially for you requires significantly more time and effort. Experience shows that most companies at creation of a company website they use ready-made systems and templates for their sites, as this significantly shortens both the site development process and the cost of the service. The downside here is that with this option, you can easily find dozens of other sites that come close to or even look like your design. If you are a big brand or company and you want to create a unique and unrepeatable impression and a site that imposes trends instead of following them, you will probably bet on a personalized (individual) design.

In recent years, website visits from mobile devices such as phones and tablets have increased significantly and even surpassed desktop visits, which means that in order to have the competitive edge you need, your site must look and function equally well on all types of devices. For this purpose, it is good to anticipate design, which adapts so that your site is equally convenient, accessible and easy to use, both from a computer and from a mobile phone.

What do most companies offer when creating a company website?

Domain (site name) - about BGN 30. per year

Hosting (the place where the site is located) - BGN 50 - 120. per year

Website maintenance - BGN 60 - 200. per month

We offer a package whose price includes everything in one drastically smaller amount.

2. CMS / Or Content Management System

The other major component that drastically determines the cost to make is The CMS system, on which makes the site. In a huge percentage of cases, an off-the-shelf system like WordPress would do an excellent job for you. It allows relatively easy management of the site (adding pages, adding and editing content, functionalities, posts, etc.) And here again we rely on the specifics of specific needs.
When your business has specific requirements, if you are for example a large online media, hypermarket, university, or bank, then you will probably need creation of a company website of our own CMS system, with special features designed according to your specific needs and requirements.

3. Functionality when creating a company website

Along with all this, key in creating a site is what functionalities you want it to have, and this is primarily related to the purposes for which you want to use it.

Some of the flagship functionalities are:

  • Multilingualism – this is the feature that allows your site to be available in different languages.
  • Newsletter subscription – the feature that allows you to send newsletters to your subscribed customers.
  • Price tables – these are tables comparing your subscription plans and prices.
  • Events and calendar – this feature allows you to present events that people follow or subscribe to in the form of a calendar.
  • Module for selling products – this feature turns your site into an online store and allows you to sell online.
  • Currencies and payment methods (payment by bank transfer, PayPal, cash on delivery, etc.)
  • Reservation system – enables your users to book rooms in your hotel, tables in your restaurant, etc.
  • User registration form – allows your customers to register to perform a specific action on your site.
  • Announcement form – enables your users to apply for a given ad, send their CV, and post job ads.

There are many other features that allow different actions on your site, but these are determined individually according to the specifics of your business.

4. Content

After creation of a company website, of utmost importance for search engine rankings is good copyrighted content. It is important not only to gain the attention of your visitors, but also to rank better in Google and gain better visibility. Whether you provide ready-made authored content or it is prepared for you by the marketing team of the company that makes the site, the price can also vary.

The time required for creation of a company website varies depending on the complexity of the project.

Once you have already created yours site, it is important to know that it needs maintenance to be protected from hacker attacks, to be updated regularly and to work well.

Building a site is closely related to your individual goals, emphasis, specificity and expectations, therefore each project is absolutely unique. The path to optimal results is a comprehensive process and begins with contact with the client and his vision for the future.

To get an idea of the price for creation of a company website, see our packages.

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