What is SEO Search Engine Optimization?

In this article you will find the best SEO optimization for each species website, where it starts and what it goes through before reaping success.

Domain - what it should be and how important it is

One of the things before reaping success is choosing a good one domain. But why do we need a good one domain? Can't everyone qualify? - The answer is - yes, it can. If you want your business to develop in the long term, it is good to choose domain, which is not long. A good one domain is between 2, 3 words but no more as it cannot be memorized. It is also good that it relates to the activity in which you develop, but this is already a matter of personal preference.

seo optimization

Structure for SEO optimization

The right structure for seo optimization is very important for every single page. By filling in the keywords, meta titles Bonus - meta descriptions in a certain way, helps users land on yours website. Let's look at what the details are about the so-called seo optimization.

How to rise to the top positions?

Let's see what he likes Google and what it requires of us to place us as useful source higher.

  • Uniqueness – Google requires us unique text, which means that copy-paste will not help you to promotion of your website. We from SITE-BG we have the most accurate tool by which we track how unique each text is on a scale between 1-100.
  • Keywords – for each page of yours website, you must select keyword, which doesn't mean just putting whatever you think is good. We from SITE-BG we analyze each one website Bonus - keywords, according to which he can quickly rank and rise.
  • Copywriting – many businesses underestimate copywriting services, but they are extremely important to any business. But why are they important? Without them, yours website there will be basic information about what you are offering. The copywriting not an easy part either, but it's extremely important since you describe every single part of it like that the business and many people will come across yours website.


In order to be website us among the first positions it is important to we structure well ours seo optimization. It's a must for everyone page or article to make the right selection from keywords, so that you can be we guarantee traffic and potential customers.

Not sure how to get started with your SEO optimization?

We from SITE-BG we will do a full analysis of yours website and your competition by helping you achieve perfect scores and compete for tougher ones keywords, relative to yours website. We will do a free consultation with you and explain everything in detail!

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