Optimization of sites prices - types of optimization

Optimization of sites prices – Every user on the Internet presses to first 5 results displayed on Google. If your website if it's not there, your business will lose leads and revenue. Let's see what kinds optimization and keyword analysis. one is needed website how their prices vary.

site optimization prices

with SEO optimzation

This kind optimization and keyword analysis. represents optimization for search engines, as meta titles and meta descriptions for a given page, as well as adding their respective ones keywords. The finding of the right keywords is a long process that can take months before you know your website about which keywords you can rank for. After finding pthe relevant keywords, comes the moment with the start of copywritingwriting articles.

Optimization of sites prices for speed

We must not back down the optimization for speed. Even yours website to have a very good one with SEO optimzation, if it's slow to open, you're going to lose a lot of potential customers. According to data from Google, a user does not wait more than 2 seconds and presses the back button. We from the team of SITE-BG strive for building a website, which responds to the user's request within 1.5 seconds. Prices for speed optimization vary between BGN 50. and BGN 250.

Optimization of sites prices

  • Article prices vary between BGN 2.80 to BGN 5, depending on the complexity
  • For doing optimization with correct meta titles and descriptions, prices can vary up to BGN 150.
  • Prices for link building can vary between BGN 100. – BGN 1500

Don't know where to start?

We from the team of SITE-BG we offer complete solutions for our customers, as there is no price for a consultation with us. Our team will competition analysis you and will give you the right guidance to elevate your website against Google's criteria.

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