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Here are the parts we'll go over on how to make a site.

  • Section 1 – Buying a Domain and Hosting
  • Section 2 – Installing WordPress
  • Section 3 – Installing Required Plugins
  • Section 4 – Setting up Woocommerce for a store
  • Section 5 – Theme Installation
  • Section 6 - Email Setup
  • Section 7 – Adding a Cart Plugin
  • Section 8 – SEO Optimization with AIOSEO
  • Section 9- Analyzing the Competition
  • Section 10 – Keyword Selection vs. Competition

Section 1 – Buying a Domain and Hosting

The first step before we do website well yes domain and hosting available for purchase. Here's how to check for a free domain:

shared hosting, buying a domain
Type the domain name and it will show you if it is not taken.

When you purchase hosting, if your website it's not old and you don't have that many traffic, then you can start with a standard package of shared hosting. Prices for shared hosting are relatively low. They vary between 5 to 40 BGN. monthly depending on what you need. We from SITE-BG we advise to always start with the lowest package and upgrade the plan if needed.

Section 2 – Installing WordPress

You can install your WordPress through the cPanel control panel. Let's see how it happens:

how to make a site, installing wordpress
1. cPanel -> Softaculous
wordpress installation
2. The next step is to press the Install button and enter the password and username for your WordPress website.

If you prefer the manual method of installing WordPress, you can see more here:

After installing WordPress, you will be able to see your control panel, by typing: https://yourdomain/wp-admin

wordpress control panel
3. When you enter https://yourdomain/wp-admin, you will see this screen to enter your control panel.

Section 3 – Installing Required Plugins

Let's answer the question first what will our website have? In this guide we will take a look how to make an e-shop with Woocommerce, so let's take a look at the required plugins:

Plugins can be downloaded and installed, or they can also be installed directly via the control panel of WordPress.
Let's install them:

1. Tap on extensions
2. Tap on add more
3. Type the name of the plugin in the search engine and install it

When the plugin is installed, press the Activate button.

Section 4 – Setting up Woocommerce for a store

After enable the plugin, will show you configuration settings. Set up Woocommerce, by filling in the necessary information about your business.

When you are done configuring the Woocommerce, you can start directly to you add products and categories for yours online store:

Section 5 – Theme Installation

Let's take a look how to install a theme to our wordpress website. First we go to the menu view -> Themes -> Add New:

After you press adding a new one, you will be able to view most popular topics, which you offered by WordPress, as well as you can search in the search engine topic, which you like.

To show you the easiest way, we will use the theme Hestia. You can like a theme that it offers you WordPress, or choose another one from the search engine that you like. After you press installing, a button will appear activation right after the theme is installed. When activate your theme, here's what it would look like website you:

It is the view usually after installing a theme.

Add menus

In this guide, we won't go over how to make a complete design. This guide aims to give you the basics of developing a website. Let's take a look how to add a menu to our website.

Go to View -> Menus

Once you access the menu page, you must fill in a name for your menu, then select which positions to display and create it.

Add pages to menus

When we are created their menu, we must to add pages to it. Here's how to add them too:

When we choose required pages for our website, we must to add them to the menu and save them. After saving them, we can now see them on our website.

You should be able to see the menus in the same way as shown in the picture above. That was for installing and activating a theme, as well as creating menus for the various pages.

Section 6 - Email Setup

In this section we will see how to set up your emails so that it can we send messages when purchasing a product. If you don't know how to add a product to your online store, check section number 4.

We start first by saying that we need to create an email to our domain. Let him be called [email protected]. Let's take a look at how to create this one email. Go to your cPanel control panel and click on email accounts:

When you access your email accounts, press the create button. After pressing it, you need to fill name for your email address, domain name and create it as in the following picture:

Linking our website to the created email

Already your e-mail is ready and we just need to link it to website us. For this we need to install the plugin WP Mail SMTP by WPForms:

If you don't know how to access the extensions menu, you can review Section 3.

Email configuration

When we have already created email Bonus - installed the plugin, we have to connect them to each other. Go to plugin menu Settings. Set yours hostname, which is for your hosting. If you don't know what it is, it's better to contact them and have them provide it to you. Here's what sample settings look like:

When you save the settings, you can send a test email and check if it was received.

You go to the Email Test menu, after that type to the email to which to send a test message and you press Send Email.

If for some reason Your emails are not working, we advise you to refer to your hosting and provide you your email settings. If you are a user of WebHostinNow, you can press the following button.

Section 7 – Adding a Cart Plugin

In this section, we'll show you how to enable a cart extension so your users can access the products they want to buy in less than a second. For this purpose we use the plugin XT Floating Cart for WooCommerce, as we have left a download link in the Section number 3. Here's how it's activated:

When you follow the steps described in the picture above, you will get cart activation email. After following the instructions inside, you should see something like this in yours website:

You have now successfully added a shopping cart for your store.

Section 8 – SEO Optimization with AIOSEO

In this section we will show you how to work are AIOSEO and how to make a perfect one with SEO optimzation. When you install AIOSEO, it will show you a window where you configure the data for your with SEO optimzation.

Follow the configuration provided by AIOSEO.

After you configure AIOSEO, we'll show you how to add meta titles, meta descriptions and keywords.

Adding meta descriptions, meta titles and keywords

Go to edit your page, post or product you want to optimize:

After you open the page, post or product for editing, the settings of AIOSEO they will appear towards the bottom of the page.

Let's take a closer look at this picture. The first option we see is what the page will look like when it is indexed by Google. The next 2 down arrows are for the meta title and meta description, and the last one is the key phrase. Let's now break down the best practices and what they contain.

  • The key phrase it should not be too long, nor should it be with high competition, so it can our website to appear higher in search engines.
  • The key phrase must be contained in the meta title, the meta description, Heading 1, Heading 2, in the first paragraph (First text on the page) and include in appropriate places on the page. It should not be put and the key phrase too often since Google will consider the page as spam.
  • The content of the page it should be at least about 350 words, as good practices showthat 500 words is perfect for one page.
  • Meta title must not be more than 60 characters
  • Meta description must not exceed 160 characters
  • You raise the level of optimization si by adding a photo and like ALT text and set the key phrase.

The arrow on the top right shows you how well from 0 to 100 your page is optimized, which if you press it will also show you what you can improve.


That was for the optimization with the AIOSEO plugin, it's good to stick to the practices used by millions website owners. By following these practices, analyzing the competition Bonus - correct selection of keywords, you can secure high position in Google.

Section 9- Analyzing the Competition

In this section, we won't show you analysis tool of the competition as it is the best Google. Don't be misled by competitive analysis websites, since each such website uses a different method of obtaining such information.

How to analyze the competition?

The first thing we need to do is check which ones keywords, characteristic of our brand, other ones are coming out websites. Take a look products and services, offering these websites, which come out on the search engines. Once you find them, check their blogs to see what they write about the most. Their blogs are a great source of ideas for this what your potential customers are interested in.

Exit to a higher position

Once you've seen your competitors and done your research what consumers care about, start writing on the same topics so you can to recreate the same success. A better way to rank than writing quality information there is no.

Section 10 – Keyword Selection vs. Competition

Coming soon…

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