S Google Analytics you can track every single statistic for your website with just a quick Google registration. Through this tool, Google allows us to track every single element or action related to our website. This free tool gives us information about how many users were on our site today, last month, how long they stay on a given page. It also shows us what percentage of them return again, what keywords the user used to get to our page, what cities they are from and much more. Data received from Google Analytics are so good that there's almost no question you can't answer about your website.

Do we really need Google Analytics?

For marketing to be successful, thanks to Google Analytics, you can monitor user behavior and build your marketing strategy based on all this information. If you are new to using the tool, it is best to consult with a company that can teach you how to use the data from Google Analytics. This plugin is one of the most important in the development of your website, here one should not think at all, but start analyzing this data for better results in the internet space.

If you are a beginner, you can always consult us live or through our contact form, our team will answer your questions.

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