SEO Services Price - What are the average prices and what do they include?

SEO services price - prices can vary monthly between BGN 400 and BGN 2,000 for a good with SEO optimzation, but let's look at what these prices include:

  • Selection of keywords, according to which the site can be ranked
  • Their precise placement in meta titles and meta descriptions
  • Find all words with low competition and high monthly demand
  • Placing website you among the first positions
  • Monthly reports to track new keywords for ranking
  • Good structure and link building
  • Addition of website in social networks
  • Writing articles, according to keywords, for which the website is ranked

It is important to have good hosting, so it can SEO services to be effective.

Why is it important?

When you have slow hosting where your website takes more than 2.5 seconds to load, you will lose a lot of customers as on average users wait between 1-2 seconds according to Google data.

It is very important to monitor how people land on your pages, by which keywords they find you, by which page, how many impressions it has for the day. You can track how your website grows over time, which is also important for optimization. See more from here:

SEO services price

Let's conclude the most important

  • Create a keyword list
  • The list DOES shame the website's need to rank higher
  • Keywords should be of low competition for faster development
  • Traffic tracking, which words users land on for a given page

This helps with the optimization of your site!

Don't know where to start? SEO services price.

We at SITE-BG will help you with the right strategy for indexing your site according to Google's requirements. Contact us and our team will contact you and do a full analysis for your website to be indexed in the first positions.

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